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انا ايمان بن صالحة متخرجة مالية عمري 23 سنة شاركت في عدة جمعيات محلية و عالمية تهدف لتحقيق الامن في العالم

وقع اختياري كمشاركة من بين 11000 ممن اراد المشاركة من عدة بلدان في العالم بعد عملية اختيار دقيقة

انا عضوة في ايساك و ينابيع الخير و قد نظمت عدة احتفالات للطلبة

الرحلة كلها تكلف تقريبا 5000 دت و لذلك احتاج دعمكم لتحقيق حلمي و تمثيل بلد و بدأ رحلتي و حلمي عالميا

فكونوا فردا من من يسهلها لي

يمكنكم الاتصال بي

و شكرا

So again:


I am imene ben salha 23 years old , a finance graduate . I am a very active and social person . i have been a member in many organizations for non profit but its main goal is to spread peace and fulfill the humankind's potential whether locally or internationally such as AIESEC.

And because my cause in life is to be an agent of change and make the impact in the world i have submitted my application to be a delegate in the Asian Youth International Model United Nations which will take place in Malaysia this year from 25---28 august 2019 and after a rigorous and tough process I have been selected as one of the participants among  more than 11000 applicant!!!! 

I am so excited to live this life changing experience so that I learn and start my journey of impacting the world and changing it to a better place for the next generations yet since I live in tunisia and it is so far so the fees to participate are so huge from the registration , accomodation to the plane ticket it will be around 5000 TND and my family now is in no situation to support me .

 And I believe that you would love to support  excellent students who aim to be change agents that is why i am writing to you.

so kindly support me to make my journey start and change my life and the life of the people around me on an international level.

Waiting for your response as soon as possible which I hope it will be  positive.

Thank you in advance

Attached you will find the documents in this drive:


proposal sponsorship : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16f_7ZhkxJYVA_psxWazq0sVpqjwFyoAD/view


Imene Ben Salha

Contact me : 

Tel : +216 55 340 424

Mail : imene.bensalha@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/imene.bensalha

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